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An illustrated globe
A fox, bird, turtle and dog walk with purpose.

Companion is a digital product design studio that partners with you to create new realities.

A fox holding a large triangle shape helps a person over a river by building a bridge of shapes.

We aim to enhance the lives of people & the world around us by designing tools, services and products that inspire, entertain and create a better future.

A fox and a person build sandcastles with each other.

Whether you have the seed of an idea or you have been there and done it before, we work with you to create long-term value and fulfil your creative & business potential.

A fox holds a canvas which a person is painting some mountains on.

We can work as an extension of you, or take care of it all for you. We prefer long-term relationships, so we tend to speak our mind openly as after all, your interests are our interests.

A fox does a cartwheel down the street whilst pulling a tape measure with a dog.

Every digital project is different and needs a flexible approach, so we focus on finding the most appropriate solutions for you, rather than trying to have you jump through hoops.

A dog with a scuba mask on swims underwater with fishes and coral.

We believe the best digital experiences aren't an afterthought. We like to be involved from the beginning, planning, diving deep and working out where the most value can be added.

A bird, fox and dog bounce on a trampoline net in the forest.

Having fun and playing is the best way to create. That’s why we don’t do free pitches, overwork our team or embrace the burnout culture of the creative industry. It’s not fun.

A bird, fox, dog, person and turtoise pull a big box with a rope.

Instead we partner with people that share our values: openness, curiosity, togetherness and a desire to do better for the people & world around us.

A fox, bird, tortoise and dog look out at earth from their spaceship as a rocket passes in the distance.

You can read more about how we work and if you’re interested in partnering with us then tell us about your project or email us.