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An illustrated globe
A fox spins plates on sticks and it's nose.

How do we navigate the chaotic, ever-changing digital world whilst staying calm? We don’t have all the answers, but we try to be consistent with some processes that help us.

A fox is taking assorted sized shapes from a bix and sorting them into a neat pile

We create strong foundations

We question and challenge everything by dissecting the brief and focusing in on your core values. Once we’ve sorted the musts from the maybes, we create a clear strategy and vision that underpins the whole project — from the information architecture and user experience right through to the transitions.

A fox and person play with shapes by holding them up to their face in a funny way.

We imagine & dream up solutions

We know everyone likes to see things and not just see endless decks. That’s why we spend time imagining solutions. Whether that’s how to transform existing services, designing new ways of interacting or dreaming about what your business’ future will look like, we spend time showing you it and not just telling you.

A fox and person build a large sandcastle together.

We know how to make it real

We’re used to working on technical projects, whether that’s developing something ourselves or working with a partner of yours, we’re comfortable & pragmatic when it comes to bringing the project to life and building it.

A fox and person stand and observe a painting.

We talk to all our friends

We don’t know everything about everything, and we never will, so we talk to people that know more than us in certain areas and we listen to them. Companion can create your strategy, define the user experience, design delightful interfaces and build it all with you, but if there’s something we don’t do, we know the collaborators to call that do.

A fox, bird, tortoise and dog look out at earth from their spaceship as a rocket passes in the distance.

You can read more about how we work and if you’re interested in partnering with us then tell us about your project or email us.